Unlocking Influencers Potential in Cyprus – DMC CY 2019

In October 12, 2019, I was invited to lead a workshop on Influencer Marketing at the DMC-CY 19 conference which was organized by Vestnik Kipra, at St. Raphael hotel in Limassol.

Influencer marketing is a new and growing sector of digital marketing in Cyprus and as such, it faces a lot of challenges. These challenges are both relevant to marketers and influencers alike. Influencers in Cyprus are not adequately trained in the field of Influencer Marketing and consider this type of medium as being all about posting content with some hashtags while hoping to make money. Similarly, brands and their marketers do not have an in-depth knowledge of how to set measurable KPI’s or how to approach and communicate effectively with influencers and create campaigns that are going to be effective both for engagement and community building let alone generate revenue for a brand or service.

In my workshop titled “Unlocking Influencer Potential in Cyprus”, I elaborate on the current situation, explain some of the terminologies for influencer marketing campaigns as well as analyze the process of researching for micro-influencers, assessing their profile performance and possible the tactics to employ when contacting them.

For your convenience, the workshop has been filmed and can be seen below.

If you wish to receive the presentation slides as well as the Influencer marketing toolkit I created, just contact me with an email and i will be providing you with a link for it.

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