Digital strategy in Cyprus

Do you really need to invest in creating a strategy for your organization or brand when it comes to your digital presence or are Social Media and Google Ads sufficient?

Recently, I have been approached by a number of clients requesting simple digital marketing activations with the aim of creating a successful digital presence in the local and global digital landscape. This can now be considered normal, especially in times where digital marketing is growing and is now a necessity in almost every market vertical.

What I have noticed over the years of working with small to medium companies in Cyprus, is that many of these companies do not have a specific plan for growth let alone a plan for their online presence.

There are many companies in our market with no plan and no strategy. They just exist and they have been successful out of pure circumstance or because of a market need that they do not fully understand, though the end result is that they at least on the surface are “healthy” and operate “successfully”. That is off course until the point where they cease to exist.

Covid-19 has rapidly changed the market landscape and this has  wiped a large amount of companies from the map in a matter of week or months. But, I do not intend to focus on  overall strategic planning and goal setting as this is business running practices 101.

What I have noticed is eager managers or owners of small to mid-sized businesses, who consider digital marketing as their last resort in surviving this rapidly changing environment. And even though they understand that going digital is crucial, they fail to realize that miracles rarely happen in a week or a month or even considered rare, nor do they or can they happen with an investment that is lower than a typical monthly rent of an apartment in Nicosia. The other issue is the skewed belief that a single digital marketing channel like social media is enough to drive their daily orders from 10 to 1000’s without proper planning, goal setting, testing and optimization. 

Why is this flawed thinking though? What are the issues with this school of thought? Well, for starters, with no knowledge of the reason of your existence, you can rarely make the right choices to target your relevant audience. If you have no idea who you are as a company or why your clients work with you, how do you expect to make an impact in a busy online landscape with consumers who are less and less patient and much more demanding? How do you define success and what tools should you use to get there? Most importantly, how do you define success and how do you measure it?

Many managers and business owners have the perception that placing an ad in social media will automatically result in more clients and even though this is true to an extent, they tend to get inpatient and eager for more in a matter of weeks or months. They tend to be fooled that the same results apply for every vertical growth, irrespective of their product or service appeal, irrespective of competition and irrespective of identity and budget.

 So why do we need a digital strategy in Cyprus?

The answer is simple. You need to be able to set realistic, relevant and measurable goals BEFORE you start working towards achieving these goals. You need to know the ideal profile of your client prospects, their interests and their reasons why they choose your business instead of your competition. But, most importantly you need to know if what you are asking for, is achievable and how to hold your team accountable for achieving this goal.

Digital strategy will allow you to set goals, assess the feasibility of achieving your goals, define your KPI’s and holding your team and partners accountable to these goals. But as with all things, it almost always takes time. That’s why you need a strategy, because that is how you will know beforehand if you can achieve what you aim for and how long it will take you to do so.

So the next time you approach a digital marketing professional, or your in house marketing team, be transparent about your goals and ask them to come up with a strategy to achieve these goals along with the required time frame and budget. This way you will be able to make an informed decision for a plan that is highly measurable and feasible.

And remember, miracles take time and effort to happen, but when they do you are able to drive your business to higher heights.

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