Research Participation Consent

Questionnaire to the participant:
This questionnaire asks questions about different aspects of your online purchasing habits. It will take you few minutes to be answered. The questionnaire allows you to express your opinion about your experiences anonymously (i.e. your name is not required and will not be communicated to any third party). By answering the questions, you will identify the research strengths and weaknesses, and help the researcher to identify the steps needed to improve the collaboration process. A report will be issued to list the answers of the interview responses along with comparisons between the responses.

Research title: Online purchase habits of individuals in Cyprus. Contrasting Heterosexual and Homosexual purchase behaviors.

Research Aim:

To identify and list the differences in online purchase behaviours of heterosexual and homosexual men and women in Cyprus. The research aims to identify the business categories of choice for the two sexuality categories as well as other comparable online purchase behaviours. The research will focus on similarities and differences that occur from the different sexual orientations of Men and Women in Cyprus.

Confidentiality of Data collection:
All data collected will be treated with strict confidentiality and will be kept for up to 5 years from the date of collection and stored on a secured hard disk drive. No identifiable data will be collected or used for the data analysis of this research.

What will happen to the information that you give?
The questioner responses will be used for data analysis and comparison purposes. No identifiable data will be collected or analysed at any point in the research.

What if you change your mind about taking part?
Participation in this research is voluntary. You are not obliged to take part and are free to withdraw at any time. Should you choose to withdraw from the study you may do so without disadvantage to yourself and without any obligation to give a reason.

Name of researcher: Chrysanthos Constantinides
Contact details:

Best regards,
Chrysanthos Constantinides
The Researcher